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Fundamentals of sleep medicine / Richard B. Berry.
Fundamentals of sleep medicine / Richard B. Berry.
Av: Berry, Richard B 1947-
Utgivningsår: ©2012.
Språk: Engelska
Mediatyp: E-bok
Förlag: Elsevier/Saunders
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Written by Richard Berry, MD, Fundamentals of Sleep Medicine is a brand-new multimedia resource that provides a concise, clinically focused alternative to larger sleep medicine references. Get everything you need to know about the evaluation and management of sleep disorders, including the interpretation of sleep scans and the use of the newly overhauled AASM scoring criteria. Coverage of physiology is limited to what is necessary for clinical decision making. Reference is a snap due to the book's logical, user-friendly format and online features which include the full text and illustrations, numerous video clips, selected case studies, and Spend less time searching thanks to a more clinically focused, user-friendly format that concentrates on the "fundamentals" of sleep medicine. Zero in on the practical, "hands-on" information you need, including how to interpret sleep scans. Access the full contents online at expertconsult.com plus additional illustrations, numerous video clips (parasomnias, leg kicks, and more), case studies, and enhanced sleep tracings (showing detailed sleep pattern alterations). Benefit from the author's 25 years of clinical experience taking care of patients with sleep disorders. Dr. Berry was awarded the 2010 AASM Excellence in Education award and is an experienced educator in the field of sleep medicine. Get clear, visual guidance on the new AASM scoring criteria, for which Dr. Berry served on the committee and provided all illustrations used.
1 Sleep Stages and Basic Sleep Monitoring -- 2 Technology of Sleep Monitoring -- 3 Scoring Sleep Stages and Arousals in Adults -- 4 Biocalibration, Artifacts, and Common Variants of Sleep -- 5 Scoring Sleep stages and Arousals in Children -- 6 Sleep Architecture Parameters and Normative Data -- 7 Monitoring Respiration -- Technology and Techniques -- 8 Monitoring Respiration -- Event Definitions and Examples -- 9 Cardiac Monitoring and Scoring Rules -- 10 Monitoring of Sleep Related Movements -- 11 Portable monitoring, Actigraphy, Sleep Diary, pH Monitoring -- 12 MSLT and MWT -- 13 Case Studies in use of the MSLT -- 14 Evaluation of the Sleepy Patient -- 15 Sleep and Respiratory physiology -- 16 Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults -- 17 PAP treatment of OSA -- 18 Non-PAP treatment of OSA -- 19 Central Sleep Apnea -- 20 Complex Sleep Apnea and Hypoventilation Syndromes -- 21 Sleep and Chronic Lung Disease -- 22 Neurobiology of Sleep -- 23 Hypersomnias of Central Origin -- 24 Sleep Related Movement Disorders -- 25 Evaluation of the Patient with Insomnia -- 26 Insomnias -- 27 Behavioral Sleep Disorders of Children -- 28 Circadian Rhythm Physiology -- 29 Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders -- 30 Clinical EEG and video EEG -- 31 Parasomnias -- 32 Care Studies in Parasomnias -- 33 Sleep Related Epilepsy -- 34 Sleep and Psychiatric and Behavioral Disorders -- 35 Sleep and GI physiology and associated Disorders -- 36 Sleep and Endocrine physiology -- 37 Sleep and Medical Conditions -- 38 Sleep and Neurological Conditions -- 39 Glossary.

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